Over Under Shotguns - New

  1. 12Ga ATA Engraved O/U Shotgun

    Full engraving to action, select grade walnut stock, multi choke 29" barrels single selective trigger ejector action View More


  2. 12Ga Ata SP Sporter


  3. 12Ga ATA Trap O/U Shotgun

    Classic Arms proudly offer the finest of Turkish made over/under shotguns to the South African shooter at an affordable price. View More


  4. 12Ga ATA Woodcock Shotgun

    OVER & UNDER SHOTGUN The ATA model SP Over & Under shotgun embodies the synthesis of 50 years of master craftsmanship and contemporary technology. The SP over & under shotgun is offered with either... View More


  5. 12Ga IZARM O/U Shotgun


  6. 12Ga Webley & Scott O/U Shotgun

    Model 912k 28" barrels, multi choke single selective trigger, ejector action View More


  7. 12Ga Winchester Select O/U Shotgun

    This is a Winchester Select Energy Sporting shotgun with invector plus choke, 30" Barrel, single selective ejector action. View More


  8. 20Ga IZARM O/U Shotgun