Redolfi EOS – LIGHT 12/20

The Redolfi Eos over-and-under shotguns are 100% made in Italy and are made with high-quality materials and components. The latter is obtained from a solid forged and subsequently processed with numerical control machines. Like any self-respecting Italian shotgun, they not only guarantee exceptional performance with uniform and precise shot patterns but confirm our attention to detail, aesthetics and the charm of the gun. The monobloc barrels, internally chromed and burnished on the surface, are made of special 42NiCrMo4 steel and equipped with interchangeable chokes. The stocks are all made from top-quality walnut wood. The EOS over-and-under is always delivered in a comfortable and resistant ABS case with separate compartments and foam interiors. Supplied with: choke set with relative key, spare pad, screwdriver for removing the pad. All our passion and tradition for hunting and sport are contained in this line of shotguns. We will therefore continue to satisfy any customer so that he too can experience them personally.


The Light model is the version with engraved serial action (hot stamped and controlled with the penetrating liquid system).

CALIBER:  12/76 – 20/76
BARRELS : 60 – 66 – 70 cm
CHOKES: 5 interchangeable chokes
SHOOT:  selective single trigger
SIGHT: red optical fibre
STOCK: walnut with pistol grip
WEIGHT : 2.45-2.80 / 2.38-2.70 Kg approx.

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