7X57 CZ 550 Lux Rifle


As a modern civilian offspring of the Karabiner 98k service rifle the CZ 550 series offers several features and factory options, that are also typical for sporterized Mauser Karabiner 98k ex-service rifles, ranging from various technical departures from the basic Mauser service rifle on to luxury wood grades. Some of the available options were originally developed and introduced by John Rigby & Co. on Rigby Mauser hunting rifle.


CZ 550 Rifles 

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The operating mechanism of the CZ 550 series is based on the Mauser M 98 controlled-feed bolt action system. The original Mauser M 98 is a simple, strong, safe, and well-thought-out design that inspired other military and hunting/sporting rifle designs that became available during the 20th century. For the CZ 550 series, the action system is machined out of high-grade steel. It also features a double square bridge for mounting a telescopic sight.

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