75A-F010 – 338/378 K.T Brno Custom Rifle Scoped

Fitted with Zeiss Terra 3X 4-12×42 scope. Barrel of 24″, built on the Brno ZKK602 magnum action. Exhibition grade walnut, classic styled stock which a shadow-line cheekpiece, two panel chequering to grip and wrap-around chequering to fore-end. Matte stainless type finish to barrel. All in excellent condition. The .338/.378 is now regarded as the ultimate long range cartridge with a case capacity holding 9,5% more water than the .338 Lapua. Based on a belted version .416 Rigby cartridge which was necked down to .378 and then .338 caliber. It launches a 250gr. bullet at 3060 fps. Package includes 100 rds of ammunition loaded with Barnes 250gr. TSX bullets.

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