270win Ben Musgrave Rifle


These guns have their roots in target shooting and were designed for full-bore target shooters in an era when surplus war rifles such as the Lee–Enfield, Lee–Metford, P14, and others were used. The Musgrave facility (located in Bloemfontein, Republic of South Africa) where they were built housed a giant gunsmithing concern. RSA actions and earlier hammer-forged barrels were manufactured at Lyttelton Engineering Works.

By 1989, Musgrave employed 220 people and produced 6,000 hunting rifles per year over a ten-model range. Musgrave’s product range diversified to include shotguns, sporting equipment, fuel locking devices, and other items.

Musgrave Rifles 

Musgrave, the former state-owned South African sporting rifle manufacturer had its origins in private enterprise. The founder was the well-known late target champion, a president of Bloemfontein – Benjamin (Ben) Musgrave (1900 – 1987).

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