081B-A091-Original Cornelis Brandenburg (1884- 1954) Paintings x 14

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Signed and dated early 1900’s. Framed wood plate etchings of Amsterdam and Utrecht, Netherlands street scenes. This is the largest and most complete collection of this artists life’s work. 1) Westerkerk, 40x63cm. 2) Singel, 31x25cm. 3) Damrak. 19x29cm. 4) Lynbaangracht, 20x31cm. 5) Kolk, 54x40cm. 6) Oost Zyde Achterburgwal, 22x32cm. 7) Spiegelgracht. 23x32cm. 8) Achtergracht, 32x23cm. 9) Damrak, 61x39cm. 10) Achterbuurtje, 21x34cm. 11) Kroonenburgwal, 29x36cm. 12) Grimmenersluis, 27x38cm. 13) Zuiderkerk met Poortje, 34x47cm. 14) Keizers Reguliersgracht, 52x40cm.

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