079A – B020 – .451 Parker-Hale Volunteer Rifle + numerous accessories.


Developed for greater accuracy and velocity than the standard .577 rifle in response to demands by volunteer marks men. Equipped with a 33″ blued steel replacement barrel with tunnel foresight, chequered walnut stock and brass furniture. Very good condition. Accessories include wooden case with tang peep rearsight, wooden case with various sized foresight, 12 x nipples, 14 x glass powder charge holders, 20 x .451 bullets, PH circular holder made by James Dixon & Sons, a box of cardboard wads, nipple removing tool, brass funnel, oil bottle, 3 x nipple chargers, US model 1879 multi-tool, British military type muzzle-loading multi-tool and a set of blunt nosed pliers. All in very good plus condition.