3030 Drill Mark IV - 2 boxes in original packaging

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Round nosed wood then the rounds are "Cartridge SA Dummy Drill .303 inch Mark III", and if they are pointed they are Mark IV. Both are typical World War I drill rounds for training troops. The pointed bullet Mark IV was introduced in November 1910 (LoC Para. 15630 October 1911) to be the drill equivalent of the pointed Mark VII ball round, but was found to be too fragile, so production reverted to the earlier round nosed Mark III which had originally been introduced in 1903. Your R^L round was made at Royal Laboratory, Woolwich but I am not sure about the other one without a picture. "N" is the code for Nobel, but it should not have a Broad Arrow in the headstamp. Any chance of a close up picture or sketch? This is the Drill Mark III Later in 1917 the Drill Mark V was introduced (LoC Para.18972 March 1917) with a normal metal jacketed bullet and was stained black for identification, but this was found to be insufficient as a couple of accidents with live rounds occurred. This led to the more familiar fluted type of drill round, the Mark VI, introduced by LoC Para.20299 in April 1918 which remained in service until WWII. Reserve R900 (2 boxes original packaging)

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