Auction 67 - News Flash

All Customers,

As you will know, Classic Arm’s auction 67 was scheduled to be held at the Huntex show on the 25th April and was cancelled due to Govt.’s lock-down regulations.

We are planning on re-scheduling the auction to the 9th May which will give local buyers the opportunity to view the goods at Classic Arms from the 2nd of May until the 8th May.
The auction will of necessity be an online auction and buyers will have the facility of bidding by the following means:

1.    Normal absentee/postal bids: Whereby the buyers gives the maximum price he is prepared to pay and we endeavour to get it at the “best price” for the purchaser at last bid received plus one increment.

2.    Telephone bidding: We plan on having a limited number of phone lines available and the buyer would need to indicate what items he is interested in bidding for and we will then arrange for him to be called just before the item comes up for bidding. We will also supply buyers with a schedule as to what times we expect the item to come up.

3.    Online bidding: We are currently waiting for our own online bidding program to be finalised. We will also continue to utilise the ‘Invaluable’ online bidding facility, for which facility Invaluable charges the purchase an additional three percent fee. There will not be any additional charge for use of the Classic Arm’s online bidding facility.

Any further suggestions that you are prepared to make will be welcomed. We are endeavouring to make the auction as “real” as possible and look forward to your participation.

Best regards,
Andrew Soutar