6.5x58mm Portoguese Mauser M1904 Rifle

Caliber :

Mauser-Vergueiro was a bolt action rifle, designed in 1904 by José Alberto Vergueiro, an infantry officer of the Portuguese Army, and manufactured by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM). It was developed from the Mauser 98 rifle with the introduction of a new bolt system derived from the Gewehr 1888 and Mannlicher-Schönauer. Outside Portugal, the weapon was also known as the Portuguese Mauser. It used the 6.5x58mm Vergueiro, a cartridge developed specially for it.[1]

The weapon replaced the Kropatschek m/1886 as the standard infantry rifle of the Portuguese Army in 1904, remaining in service until it was replaced by the Mauser 98k in 1939. In Portuguese service the weapon was officially designatedEspingarda 6,5 mm m/1904 ("Rifle 6.5mm m/1904"). A lighter and shorter version of the weapon was classified as acarbine and designated Carabina 6,5 mm m/1904 ("Carbine 6.5mm m/1904")

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