.375 H&H CZ 550 Rifle

.375 H&H CZ 550 Rifle
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.375 H&H CZ 550 Rifle

Caliber : .375





For comprehensive details, visit http://www.czub.cz/en/catalog/81-centerfire-rifles-cz/KM/CZ_550_LUX.aspx

The rifle is provided with a compact trigger mechanism and open adjustable sights. All CZ 550�s feature a classic square bridge receiver with a 19 mm dovetail milled right into the receiver for the mounting of optics

The .375 H&H was only the second cartridge ever to feature a belt, now common ... hunters, and dangerous game cullers have repeatedly voted the .375 H&H as .... European continental ballistic twin of the .375 Holland & Holland Magnum

Quantity Price : R22500  

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