Auction 58 - Corrections

Posted on: 2017-07-27
Posted by: Classic Arms


Auction 58 Corrections/Additions .


F32 Model= STG.57 , not STG.58.

F38 Rifle now includes 2x 30 rd. magazines. Magazine originally missing.

F45 Includes set of Lee .348 win reloading dies.

F46 Includes set of .45-75 Lee reloading dies

F49 Includes set of .405win C&H reloading dies

F53 Includes set of .25-35 Ackley Imp. RCBS reloading dies.

F59 Case is not correct original case but can easily be modified to suit. It is an English oak & leather double rifle case.

F98 Price should be R7500 rather than R75000 listed.

F101 Magazine now included with rifle.

G7 Rifle built on .30-06 P-17 action and not .303 P-14 action.





                    AUCTION 58

AUCTION 58 - 12 August 2017
JHB Saxonworld Drive (Directions) 

Viewing from 09:00am - 11:45am, Auction starts at 12:00am
We want to thank all our clients for their support on Auction 57.

Enquiries on 013 656 1232



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Whilst every effort is made to correctly identify lots, Classic Arms accepts no responsibility for possible fakes or "repros" not identified as such, given the high standard of post war Nazi reproductions in particular.

Key to Abbreviations:

NLR . No License Required.

S/S. Side by Side.

Bbl . Barrel.

.s.a . Single Action.

.d.a . Double Action.

.ga. Guage

PC . Poor Condition.

FC. Fair Condition

GC . Good Condition.

EC .; Excellent Condition

GWO. Good Working Order.

VGWO . Very Good Working Order.

EWO . Excellent Working order.

GWOC . Good Working Order and Condition.

VGWOC . Very Good Working Order and Condition.