Auction 57 Correction

Posted on: 2017-05-28
Posted by: Classic Arms


AUCTION 57 - Correction

Auction 57 catalogue corrections/additions;

To be held at Portuguese Hall Witbank on 3rd June 2017.


A28 Swarovski Habicht scope. 26mm Steel tube.


D18 Withdrawn.


D131- 9mp Sten gun Repaired crack to frame, trigger faulty


F5 Magazine included with firearm.


F28-.303 Long Lee. Bulge to barrel.


F76 Magazine included with firearm.



F83 Westley Richards Monkeytail. There are no Westley    Richards markings to barrel or lock and condition is "good refinished" rather than" very good". 


 NEXT AUCTION:  12 August 2017
Jhb War Museum

 Viewing from 09:00am - 11:45am, Auction starts at 12:00am